Les espaces d'Israël

Les espaces d'Israël

Essai sur la stratégie territoriale israélienne

Alain Dieckhoff

Research Director CNRS/CERI

Alain Dieckhoff, research director at the CNRS, is the director of the Centre for International Research at CERI Sciences Po/CNRS. 


L'Enjeu mondial. Religion & politique
Global issues : religion & politics
Alain Dieckhoff, Philippe Portier
This book reveals the deep complexity of a contemporary space in perpetual tension between secularisation and the re-enchantment of the world. 

Critique internationale 23, avril-juin 2004
Vers un monde postnational ?
Alain Dieckhoff, Christophe Jaffrelot

La constellation des appartenances
Nationalisme, libéralisme et pluralisme
The Politics of Belonging
Nationalism, Liberalism, and Pluralism
Alain Dieckhoff
Authors in this volume deal with two main questions: the linkage between political liberalism and nationalism and the challenge of pluralism.


Repenser le nationalisme
Théories et pratiques
Rethinking Nationalism
Theories and Practices
A complete outline of the most recent theories and research on nationalism, whether theoretical, normative or analytical...