Le discours présidentiel sous la Ve République

Le discours présidentiel sous la Ve République

Chirac, Mitterrand, Giscard, Pompidou, de Gaulle
Presidential speech under the Fifth Republic
Chirac, Mitterrand, Giscard, Pompidou, de Gaulle

The 5th Republic has given presidents of the Republic the extraordinary power to be the voice of the nation. This book goes straight to the heart of the matter: the performative speech whereby words may institute or destitute, appoint, summon, declare, recount or reduce to silence.

From 1958 to 2007, the Elysian speech was to change from the linguistic viewpoint by changing its political purpose under the dual influence of the media, who transmit the message, and the presidential institution which is its bearer. The manner takes precedence over the content, what is said is obliterated by the saying. The speech defeats the statement and logos gives way to ethos. The 'I' of the president is substituted for 'the people' and his ‘me’ for ‘France’. The presidential figure supplants the idea... and thought becomes communication.

Based on a corpus of more than 500 presidential speeches and the logometric method – of which it presents a vulgarization – this book combines scientific description and interpretation of the vocabulary and the rhetoric of De Gaulle, Pompidou, Giscard, Mitterrand and Chirac.

Damon Mayaffre

Damon MAYAFFRE est docteur en histoire de l'Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis, chercheur au CNRS en linguistique (UMR 7320 BCL).

Nicolas Sarkozy. Mesure et démesure du discours
Nicolas Sarkozy. Measure and Excess in His Speeches
Damon Mayaffre
An analysis of the oratorical secrets, manipulation techniques and favourite words of Nicolas Sarkozy, who invented a new kind of expression, shocking many in the process and creating an authentic break in the history of the 5th Republic! .


Le Vote disruptif
Les élections présidentielle et législatives de 2017
The disruptive vote
The presidential and legislative elections of 2017
Pascal Perrineau
A process of creative destruction of a rare intensity swept through the French political system during the 2017 elections, comparable to a devastated battleground. After the storm, now comes the time for analysis and the first research results.

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