Vers une société de mobilité

Vers une société de mobilité

Les jeunes, l'emploi et le logement
Jean-Benoît Eyméoud, Étienne Wasmer
Towards a Mobility Society. Youth, Employment and Housing

In France, despite the implementation of various public policies, the rate of youth unemployment has continued to rise since the 1970s. Is this an inevitable phenomenon? Have the obstacles to labour market insertion truly been identified?

Since it has been proven that living in a region with a high number of available skilled jobs systematically increases one's chances of finding employment, it seems surprising that French youth exhibit very little professional mobility. Why do young individuals in France not move to benefit from better economic environments?

This volume reveals that this trend stems not so much from personal or family choices, but from the existence of public policies that hinder mobility. Housing polices and government employment schemes in fact tend to ensnare young people in immobility. The authors of this volume propose five public policy measures that would increase youth mobility and thus improve their labour market insertion rate.

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