Financement participatif : une voie d'avenir pour la culture ?

Financement participatif : une voie d'avenir pour la culture ?

Crowdfunding: the future of culture ?

Crowdfunding is not new: legend has it that Mozart resorted to crowdfunding to pay for a concert in the 18th century. But it has been amplified by the digital revolution, which facilitates the connection between projects and the online community. For a little more than a decade, numerous artistic and cultural projects have benefited from funding by groups of contributors. By late 2017 a total of 45 million euros had been collected for culture using this collaborative and participatory approach. Moreover, in the cultural field, crowdfunding is associated with self-production which has also progressed considerably over the last decade.

Using data collected from websites like Ulule, KissKissBankBank and Touscoprod, the authors question the methods and effects of this funding model for cultural projects. They analyze the profiles of contributors and emphasize the role of multi-contributors, as well as that of family and friends. They also note the correlation—which seems counterintuitive in the digital era – between geographical proximity and contribution. Finally, they question the impact of this form of funding on the diversity of the cultural projects available. Is this offer increased or modified by self-production, particularly in the fields of music and cinema? Do the masses of anonymous contributors want the same kinds of projects as professional producers and distributors, or does crowdfunding help provide increased diversity of artistic projects?

This book is the result of a call for research on crowdfunding in the arts, culture, and the media, launched by the Ministry of Culture (Department for Research, Planning and Statistics) and the Research Laboratory for Excellence in Cultural Industries and Artistic Creation (LabEx icca).

Yann Nicolas

Yann Nicolas is a research officer with the Department of research, statistics and foresight, specialized in economic studies.

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