Clientélismes urbains

Clientélismes urbains

Gouvernement et hégémonie politique à Marseille
Cesare Mattina
Urban Clientelism
Government and political hegemony in Marseille

The attribution of public sector employment, social housing, building permits, places in childcare or simple honorific titles are all prerogatives of local government. Far from being banal, this redistribution of public, material or symbolic goods, to individuals, families, religious groups or public figures, is one of the modes of governing at the local level.

Using the example of Marseille, Cesare Mattina shows how, in a town often described as corrupt, urban clientelism has essentially benefited the upwardly mobile lower-middle and middle classes.

Combining previously unseen archival files, interviews, ethnographic observations, press reviews and statistical data, this book provides a precise and detached vision of this form of local government.

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