Santé internationale

Santé internationale

Les enjeux de santé au Sud

International Health: Health Policy Challenges in the Global South

Healthcare is now an eminently political subject, approached at a higher degree of national, international, legislative, and private entreaty. Whether working on the global scale, in the fields of economic policy, law, security, development, the environment, or in the industrial and commercial private sector, the leaders of tomorrow will be confronted with major challenges linked to health. The focus of this first opus on international health issues is to educate all of these actors, sharing with them the knowledge they'll need to work in a legitimate and credible way with health professionals in the field, whatever their professions may be.

Santé internationale provides a panorama of the healthcare issues issues facing the global south in four sections: the considerable contemporary healthcare challenges in developing countries, the historical evolution, notably in Africa, of healthcare systems as they've been established for the past thirty years, the state of knowledge on the the efficacy of the politics, strategies, and financial instruments of development aid, and the contributions of social science research in service to adaptable, pertinent decisions based on a solid foundation.

Its ambition is to become both a pedagogical support to university instruction on global health as well as an academic resource on the big issues confronting developing countries, as useful in the scholarly milieux as for administrative and political professionals. This work could serve students as well as teachers, institutes of political science studies, major universities, especially in human and social science schools, business schools, as well as medical and public health schools.

Dominique Kerouedan

Dominique KEROUEDAN est docteur en médecine, docteur en sciences (épidémiologie et santé publique), titulaire d'un master de santé publique de l'Université de Californie à Berkeley, d’un master de recherche médicale de l’Université Paris 6-Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, d’une licence en droit ainsi que de plusieurs diplômes d’université (santé et développement, politiques européennes de santé, nutrition). Enseignante depuis une dizaine d’années à Sciences Po, elle est fondatrice et conseillère scientifique de la spécialisation « Global Health » à la Paris School of International Affairs. Elle a été titulaire de la chaire « Savoirs contre pauvreté » du Collège de France en 2012-2013.

Santé mondiale. Enjeu stratégique, jeux diplomatiques
World Health: Strategic Stakes and Diplomatic Moves
Dominique Kerouedan, Joseph Brunet-Jailly
As globalisation has spread, health has become a topic of foreign policy and global governance that powers use to gain influence, prestige, in power. This book highlights the political and strategic issues of "global health" then examine the diplomatic game it generates.


Les bonnes pratiques des organisations internationales
The Best Practices of International Organisations
Asmara Klein , Camille Laporte, Marie Saiget
OECD, World Bank , UN Women .... all organizations are now calling for "good practice" to improve their action, train their staff, improve their expertise and thereby legitimize their presence on land increasingly competition from non-state actors.

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