La Question migratoire au XXIe siècle

La Question migratoire au XXIe siècle

Migrants, réfugiés et relations internationales
The issue of migration in the 21st-century
3rd edition entirely updated

The refugee crisis that has shaken the European space since 2015 has shed light on the inability of political institutions to provide satisfactory responses to all migrant profiles.

The result of contradictory globalisations, migratory flows are accelerating around the world. Even as borders and walls go up, the categories of migrants and refugees become blurred, countries of departure become countries of transit and destination, and vice versa. The meaning of citizenship is becoming more varied, and the expression of a human right to free movement is emerging all over the world.

A genuinely planetary issue, long neglected amongst major world questions, migration transforms and affects international relations, and redefines state sovereignty. In particular it testifies as to the urgent need for a new diplomacy incorporating its global and regional governance.

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Geopolitics : Migration Questions
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