Les socialistes français et l'économie (1944-1981)

Les socialistes français et l'économie (1944-1981)

Une histoire économique du politique
French Socialists and the Economy (1944–1981)
An economic history of politics

The criticism being levied is not new. In fact, though it first appeared after the 'defeat' of the Front populaire ('Popular Front'), it has consistently returned since: French socialists are said to be economically incompetent. But is this perhaps merely a stereotype?

Using hitherto unpublished accounts and documentary sources, Mathieu Fulla undertakes the analysis of the French Socialist Party's successive economic programmes, following their trajectory from discussions among experts to their incorporation into party rhetoric. He thus presents an economic history of politics that sheds light on current debates raging on the Left. Throughout this volume, readers will learn how, as early as 1936, Léon Blum was already enforcing "tax cuts" à la Pierre Moscovici. As for Manuel Valls’ or Emmanuel Macron’s rapt declarations of love for the business world, a historical perspective allows us to discern — rather than the genesis of a French variant of Social Liberalism — the rise of a form of Socialism that tends to favour productive activity over increasing the purchasing power of the working classes.

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