Ressources humaines pour sortie de crise

Ressources humaines pour sortie de crise

Pierre-Éric Tixier
Human Resources as an Answer to the Jobs Crisis

Could human resources strategies used throughout the business world be contributing to the jobs crisis? This is the question dozens of recognized researchers respond to in this volume.

Five major themes guide their reflections: 1.) The inefficiency of HR strategies which reference obsolete concepts and organizational models; 2.) The question of job shortages and the meaning of work; 3.) The question of managerial practices and their ties to the pathologies of work; 4.) The employee-work relationship, as it relates to issues of seniority and the young, who are most frequently subjected to job changes; 5.) The renewal of recruitment management, and the need to improve the link between pubic politics and business practices in order to attain the "flexicurity" called for by all.

Reforging the ties between knowledge and action, developing a real management strategy, and finding a new rationale for human resources - a new way of building and acheiving performance - are, according to the authors, the areas where we must focus the direction of human resources practices.

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