La question raciale dans les séries américaines

La question raciale dans les séries américaines

The Wire, Homeland, Oz, The Sopranos, OITNB, Boss, Mad Men, Nip/Tuck
Olivier Esteves, Sébastien Lefait
Race in American Television Shows

This work analyses eight scenes taken from contemporary TV series, selected for the unique way in which they present the issue of race and invite viewers to reflect on the subject. Scenes are treated as both 'socio-historical' documents where dialogue analysis is key, and as cinematic and aesthetic artefacts where images and the gaze are analysed thanks to the visual measures employed to depict a specific issue.
Developed by two experts in American culture who also bring specialisations in race issues and cinema to the table, this book deciphers the themes linked to alterity in the context of audio-visual representation and demonstrates that TV shows, far from being merely an idle pastime, in fact foster debate on the practices of contemporary societies.

Sébastien Lefait holds a PhD in English and he also teaches cinema at the University of Corte. Olivier Esteves holds a PhD in civilization of English speaking countries at Lille III. He is the author of From the invisibility Islamophobia: Muslims british (2011, Presses de Sciences Po.

Olivier Esteves

Olivier Esteves, maître de conférences en civilisation des pays anglophones à l'Université Lille 3, est spécialiste des questions raciales. Il est notamment l'auteur de De l’invisibilité à l’islamophobie : les musulmans britanniques (1945-2010) (Presses de Sciences Po, 2011) et le co-auteur de Les Politiques de la diversité : expériences anglaise et américaine (Presses de Sciences Po, 2010).

De l'invisibilité à l'islamophobie
Les musulmans britanniques (1945-2010)
From Invisibility to Islamophobia
British Muslims (1945-2010)
Olivier Esteves
The author analyzes the place of Muslims in British society. This work on a foreign experience helps to better understand the public debate on immigration and integration, its corollary now almost obligatory.

Les politiques de la diversité
Expériences anglaise et américaine
The Politics of Diversity
The English and American Experiences
Emmanuelle Le Texier, Olivier Esteves, Denis Lacorne
How do new immigrants integrate themselves into culturally sensitive cities in the United States and the United Kingdom? Despite multicultural tensions, local players have succeeded in transcending their differences. Is this a model France could follow?

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