Le communisme vietnamien (1919-1991)

Le communisme vietnamien (1919-1991)

Construction d'un État nation entre Moscou et Pékin
Vietnamese Communism, 1919-1991
The Construction of a Nation State between Moscow and Beijing

In 50 years, Vietnamese Communists succeeded in overthrowing colonial rule, then in keeping the American army at bay and conquering the South in 1975.

Although they persistently drew their inspiration from Soviet and Chinese models of power conquest and organization of social and political life, Vietnamese communists managed nevertheless to forge an autonomous path – founded first upon anti-colonialism, then on warfare –, and developed a strategy of regional influence.

Based on extensive fieldwork and uncovered sources in five languages, this book adds nuance to French historiography of international communism and breaks with Vietnamese historiography. It explores the intermittent crises in relations between Hanoi, Beijing and Moscow. It sheds new light on the inner workings of the Comintern, the history of three Indochinese wars, the relations between communist countries and the effects of the Sino-Soviet split. Using the perspective of global history, it examines the conditions of imposition, and also appropriation, of foreign modes of government. Finally, to reconstruct the atmosphere and political culture of multiple periods, it brings to life a myriad of actors, either forgotten in time or passed on through generations.

The first exhaustive study on Vietnamese Communism in over 30 years, this exemplary work, written in a clear and lively manner, will captivate both specialists and history lovers.

Céline Marangé is a political historian who received a PhD in political science from Sciences Po Paris in 2010. She is a lecturer at Columbia University in New York. A graduate of the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations in Paris, France, she is also a Russian translator.

Céline Marangé

Céline Marangé est chercheur à l'Institut de recherche stratégique de l'Ecole militaire où elle travaille sur la politique étrangère et de défense de la Russie et sur les conflits dans l'espace post-soviétique. Docteur en science politique (Institut d'Études politiques de Paris), elle s'intéresse à l'analyse de la politique étrangère, à la sociologie des relations internationales et à la question de la reconnaissance. Elle a été Fox International Fellow à l’Université de Yale, lectrice à l'Université de Harvard et de Columbia et post-doctorante à l'Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. 

Vingtième Siècle 131, juillet-septembre 2016
Les gauches et les colonies
The Left and the Colonies
et al., Céline Marangé
Table of contents: The political influence of colonial actors - The Birth of Vietnamese Republicanism - Algeria's Engineering of Socialist Colonial Policy - The Comintern, the French Communist Party and the Call for Algerian independence - The Messalistes and the French Left


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