Politiques publiques 3, Les politiques publiques sous Sarkozy

Politiques publiques 3, Les politiques publiques sous Sarkozy

With Patrick Le Lidec, Céline Belot, Philippe Bezes, Daniel Bourmaud, Joao Carvalho, Ben Clift, Renaud Dehousse, Andrew Geddes, Charlotte Halpern, Patrick Hassenteufel, Nicolas Jabko, Armel Le Divellec, Elsa Massoc, Sophie Meunier, Christian Mouhanna, Erik Neveu, Pauline Ravinet, Sebastian Roché, Olivier Rozenberg
Public Policy 3, Public Policies during Sarkozy's Presidency

During Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency, the feeling of a strong concentration of power and an unprecedented reform efforts prevails.

This book attempts to assess the impact of reformist practices engaged during the last five years, through eighteen chapters on institutional developments, practices and decision-making on changes in key sectors of the state action (taxation, local government, higher education, justice, immigration, Europe, etc..).

Written by experts in public action, it provides a first assessment of government policy under Sarkozy and a valuable contribution to public debate.

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