Justifier la guerre ?

Justifier la guerre ?

De l'humanitaire au contre-terrorisme (2e édition actualisée et augmentée)
Gilles Andréani, Pierre Hassner
With Mats Berdal, Christoph Bertram, Pierre Buhler, Éric Chevallier, Ariel Colonomos, Vincent Desportes, Antoine Garapon, Michael J. Glennon, Stanley Hoffmann, Christian Mellon, Michael Quinlan, Adam Roberts, Ward Thomas
Justifying War?
From Humanitarian Aid to Counter-Terrorism

Well-respected international authors from a variety of different fields analyse the moral arguments for turning to violence under the prism of the 'just war' doctrine and its possible application to humanitarian interventions and peace-building. They have in turn addressed the issue of counter-terrorism and its relationship to war on a historical and operational level, before going on to debate the problem of international legitimacy and the norms involved therein.

This edition uses the invaluable lessons regarding Iraq and Afghanistan. This work also draws on comparison between interventions in Kosovo and Libya and contains a postface by Pierre Hassner which emphasises the strategic, political and moral ambiguities that characterise current global actions, institutions and developments.

Vincent Desportes

Général Vincent Desportes Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA).


L'Enjeu mondial.
Guerres et conflits armés au XXIe siècle
Global issues
War and armed conflict in the 21st century
Benoît Pelopidas, Frédéric Ramel
Using illustrated and annotated overviews, along with maps, "Global issues" focuses on the major interpretations of war as we know it, whether in the decline in inter-state conflicts, the continual normalization of states of emergency, or the transformation of the forms and spaces of combat.

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