Les droites en fusion

Les droites en fusion

Transformations de l'UMP
A Merger of the Right
Transformations of the UMP

When the UMP was created in 2002 after the shock of April 21st, many were sceptical about its lasting power. Yet in the space of a decade, this refoundation in the form of a merger was to transform the right in France. The new party's organisation, underpinned by the electoral calendar, deploys deep professionalization and exploits marketing tools.

These transformations, which borrow from the model of the firm, have not led to the disappearance of partisan cultures and ideologies. On the contrary; the right-wing community is still very much alive and the UMP constitutes its melting pot, advocating a traditional social order based on a hierarchy of genres and generations and providing a pulpit for popular opinion.

'Sarkozysm' has permitted the partisan right in France to operate an ideological radicalisation which can be explained as much by the national strategies adopted in response to the FN as by the existence of certain local political cultures close to the far-right universe.

This book adopts a sociological, historical and European approach to the phenomenon of partisanship applied to the right in France.

Florence Haegel is a professor at Sciences Po and Research Director at the Centre of European Studies. She is in charge of the Comparative Political Sociology Master at the Sciences Po Doctoral School.

Florence Haegel

Centre d'études européennes - Sciences Po

Florence HAEGEL, professeure de science politique à Sciences Po, Centre d'études européennes (CEE).


Sociologie plurielle des comportements politiques
Je vote, tu contestes, elle cherche...
The Many-Faceted Sociology of Political Behaviour
I vote, you protest, she's still looking...
Olivier Fillieule, Florence Haegel, Camille Hamidi, Vincent Tiberj
In homage to the pluralist political sociology practiced and defended by this French pioneer of experimental survey research, this volume provides an up-to-date overview of current research and major controversies in this field of political science today, thus also serving as an introduction to the analysis of political behaviour.

Destins ordinaires
Identité singulière et mémoire partagée
Ordinary Destinies
Singular Identity and Collective Memory
Florence Haegel, Marie-Claire Lavabre
This work takes an unconventional form. Two stories comprise the plot: one is of a woman from a "hard town", the other from the rural world. Through these tales, the question of the effects of the changes of French society on personal politics is posed.

La France vers le bipartisme?
La présidentialisation du PS et de l'UMP
Developments in French Politics: a Move Towards a Two-Party System?
The Presidentialization of the Socialist Party (PS) and the UMP
Gérard Grunberg, Florence Haegel

Un maire à Paris
Mise en scène d'un nouveau rôle politique
A Mayor of Paris
Florence Haegel
Since 1977 Jacques Chirac embodied the new function of the Parisian Mayor. How did he shape this, and how did this alchemy between a political figure, the office of mayor, and a city, operate?...


Partis politiques et système partisan en France
Carole Bachelot, Alexandre Dézé, Florence Faucher, Julien Fretel, Florence Johsua, Julian Mischi, Christine Pütz, Nicolas Sauger, Vincent Tiberj

La Ve République démystifiée
Olivier Duhamel, Martial Foucault, Mathieu Fulla, Marc Lazar

Institutions, élections, opinion
Mélanges en l'honneur de Jean-Luc Parodi
Institutions, Elections and Public Opinion
Yves Déloye, Alexandre Dézé, Sophie Maurer
A major figure of French political science, Jean-Luc Parodi has significantly influenced the discipline, whether intellectually thanks to his pioneering studies, institutionally, or even individually, due to his personality. These texts pay tribute to the intellectual and the man himself.

La politique en France et en Europe
Politics in France and in Europe
Pascal Perrineau, Luc Rouban

Atlas électoral 2007
Qui vote quoi, où, comment ?
Electoral Atlas 2007
Who votes what, where, and how ?
Pascal Perrineau

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