Manifeste pour une géographie environnementale

Manifeste pour une géographie environnementale

Géographie, écologie, politique
Denis Chartier, Estienne Rodary
With Frédéric Alexandre, Aziz Ballouche, Simon P. J. Batterbury, Farid Benhammou, David Blanchon, Frédérique Blot , Sébastien Caillault, Pierre-Olivier Garcia , Emmanuèle Gautier, Pierre Gautreau, Alain Génin, Jérémy Grangé, Christophe Grenier, Baptiste Hautdidier, Christian A. Kull, Patrick Matagne, Kent Mathewson, Pierre Pech, Philippe Pelletier , Olivier Soubeyran, Jean-Marc Zaninetti
A Manifesto for Environmental Geography
Geography, ecology, politics

French studies in geography have always refused to address the question of ecology from a truly political angle. And yet, faced with a growing number of environmental crises and the spectre of environmental scepticism that currently looms over the French political landscape, geography can and must become actively involved.

This Manifesto for environmental geography illustrates a collective desire to go beyond individual practices in order to examine the epistemological and political role of geography when challenged by environmental crises. It analyses the discipline's historical relations with environmental policy, draws a number of international comparisons, in particular to political ecology, and introduces the major areas of research to which geography must now, its conceptual framework having been substantially modified by the policies of the Anthropocene.

Finally, this volume argues that in order to remain scientifically and political relevant, geographers must abandon their position of detached superiority and instead accept the transformations to their discipline triggered by modern environmental issues.

Estienne Rodary

Estienne Rodary, is a researcher at the Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD). He co-edited Protected Areas: Sustainable Lands? (Ashgate, 2011) and Manifeste pour une géographie environnementale (Presses de Sciences Po, 2016).

Les Politiques de biodiversité
The politics of biodiversity
Daniel Compagnon, Estienne Rodary
The politicisation of biodiversity is the subject of this pluri-disciplinary book, which brings together a range of scientific fields & covers previously neglected dimensions of this issue, including economies of scale, the political impact of the scientific categories mobilised by actors & the instrumentalization of international norms by states.

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