Faut-il ouvrir les frontières ?

Faut-il ouvrir les frontières ?

Should we open the borders ?
Updated 3rd edition

Mobility is recognised as an essential factor in human development, yet two thirds of the world's inhabitants cannot circulate freely. As for countries who were once traditionally open to immigration, they have now too closed their doors – or even built walls to protect themselves from migrants.

The negative side effects of closing the borders are manifold. To the victims, and those who have no papers and no rights, we must also add those in refugee camps, the mafia smuggling economy, the economic and demographic deficits linked to lack of mobility, without mentioning the exorbitant costs of closure and expulsion policies.

In the face of the flagrant inequalities of border arrangements, it is time to establish an international diplomacy of migration, and to recognise the universal right to mobility.

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