Sociologie plurielle des comportements politiques

Sociologie plurielle des comportements politiques

Je vote, tu contestes, elle cherche...
With Éric Agrikoliansky, Philip Balsiger , Céline Braconnier, Yves Déloye, Alexandre Dézé, Sophie Duchesne, Mark Franklin, Florent Gougou, Bert Klandermans, Soline Laplanche-Servigne, Marie-Claire Lavabre, Geroge E. Marcus, Pavlos Vasilopoulos
The Many-Faceted Sociology of Political Behaviour
I vote, you protest, she's still looking...

The simultaneous rise of abstention and far-right parties, the emergence of engaged consumerism and new forms of mobilisation by ethnic minorities, the role of national identity and community organisations in democratic life... political sociology is now faced with the challenge of explaining how so many different forms of politicisation are maintained or transformed.

Throughout her career, Nonna Mayer has taken up this gauntlet by combining intellectual openness with methodological rigour.

In homage to the pluralist political sociology practiced and defended by this French pioneer of experimental survey research, this volume provides an up-to-date overview of current research and major controversies in this field of political science today, thus also serving as an introduction to the analysis of political behaviour.

Marie-Claire Lavabre

Marie-Claire Lavabre est directrice de recherche au CNRS, Institut des sciences sociales du politique (ISP – CNRS, Université Paris-Nanterre, ENS Cachan)

Destins ordinaires
Identité singulière et mémoire partagée
Ordinary Destinies
Singular Identity and Collective Memory
Florence Haegel, Marie-Claire Lavabre
This work takes an unconventional form. Two stories comprise the plot: one is of a woman from a "hard town", the other from the rural world. Through these tales, the question of the effects of the changes of French society on personal politics is posed.

Le fil rouge
Sociologie de la mémoire communiste
The Iron Curtain
Sociology of Communist Memory
Marie-Claire Lavabre
This work introduces the reader to several communist generations in an investigation attempting to break from the principals of a sociology of collective memory...


Institutions, élections, opinion
Mélanges en l'honneur de Jean-Luc Parodi
Institutions, Elections and Public Opinion
Yves Déloye, Alexandre Dézé, Sophie Maurer
A major figure of French political science, Jean-Luc Parodi has significantly influenced the discipline, whether intellectually thanks to his pioneering studies, institutionally, or even individually, due to his personality. These texts pay tribute to the intellectual and the man himself.

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L'acte de vote
The Act of Voting
Yves Déloye, Olivier Ihl




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