Économie de l'après-croissance

Économie de l'après-croissance

Politiques de l'Anthropocène II
Post-Growth Economics
Anthropocene Politics II

Growth and productivity, the veritable foundations of modern industrial society, are leading to the unbridled consumption of land and resources, putting the planet on a perilous path.

Today, the economic theories that long denied the finite nature of resources are chasing after new illusions such as the monetarisation of ecosystems and green growth. These false hopes must be dashed. The world must invent a biophysical economy is slowed down, local, cautious, and in tune with the cycles of nature; we must rehabilitate humanity by calling upon low technology.

From the perspective of this new paradigm, the degrowth of rich countries no longer becomes a constraint or an inevitability, but an ethical and physical necessity and a means for social justice and equality.

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