Handicap et travail

Handicap et travail

Disability and work

Disabled people face persistent marginalisation on the job market. The French figures speak for themselves: an employment rate of 35% and an unemployment rate of 19%. To understand this observation that persists in spite of the numerous policies implemented since the early 20th century, the author presents the situation of this population on the job market and takes stock of the numerous existing measures, which are generally not well known and rarely evaluated: quotas, right to freedom from discrimination, protected and adapted workplaces, adapted workstations, assistance in finding and maintaining employment, reclassification, and so forth.

This overview of the situation, with contributions from international research, demonstrates the importance of changing practices and representations surrounding disability within organizations, in order to facilitate the hiring, career progression and job satisfaction of disabled workers.

Anne Revillard

Anne Revillard is an associate professor of sociology at Sciences Po (OSC-LIEPP).

L'État des droits
Politique des droits et pratiques des institutions
The State of Subjective Rights
Public Policy and Institutional Practices
Pierre-Yves Baudot, Anne Revillard
This book provides a detailed investigation of public policy regarding subjective rights - right to housing, patients' rights, equal rights and equal opportunities, the participation and citizenship of persons with disabilities, the right to a minimum income, etc. - supported by insights from legal, sociological and political science perspectives.


Dictionnaire genre & science politique
Concepts, objets, problèmes
Dictionary Gender & Political Science
Catherine Achin, Laure Bereni
What gender brought to political sciences? The articles of this dictionary, written in a clear and accessible language, identify the concepts, theories and canonical objects of the discipline (citizenship, democracy, government, political parties, voting, etc.) showing the role played by gender in their genesis and in their maturation.

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