La Ve République démystifiée

La Ve République démystifiée

With Loïc Azoulai , Bruno Cautrès, Alain Chatriot, Bastien François, Gérard Grunberg, Florence Haegel, Jérôme Jaffré, Christophe Jamin, Edouard Lecerf, Nonna Mayer, Anne Muxel, Anne-Laure Ollivier, Bruno Palier, Pascal Perrineau, Nicolas Roussellier, Olivier Rozenberg, Eric Thiers, Guillaume Tusseau
The 5th Republic Demystified

I was born in 1958. My father's name was Charles. He wanted to create stable institutions to counter the "system of parties". I have been revised 24 times. And I have had an ongoing love-hate relationship with the French people.

Who am I? The 5th republic.

This unbiased portrait, provided by economists, historians, political scientists, and legal scholars, shows that in its sixty years of existence, the 5th French Republic has only survived by transforming itself.

Today, the head of state, the “Republican monarch”, is limited by his ubiquity and by the increasingly tight bonds of the law. The Parliament, behind its appearance of inefficiency reflected by the distorted mediatization of public debates, works and takes advantage of its recently broadened prerogatives. In the context of globalization and the strengthening of European integration, the state has been able to re-organize itself to preserve its authority. Far from breaking under the strain of the last presidential campaign, the party system has begun its metamorphosis. This book provides a demystified perspective on the 5th Republic, to better understand the ambiguous relationship French people have with their institutions, and to think about their future.

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