Services sans frontières

Services sans frontières

Mondialisation, normalisation et régulation de l'économie des services
Jean-Christophe Graz, Nafi Niang
With Pablo Andres Diaz, Christian du Tertre, François-Xavier Dudouet, Tero Erkkilä, Eva Hartmann, Christophe Hauert, Niilo Kauppi, Pascal Petit, Carlos Ramirez, Antoine Vion
Services without borders
Globalization, standardization and regulation of the service economy

Services represent almost 80% of the GDP of the OECD countries, but only 20% of their international trade. Why the gap? It is partly due to the great difficulty of establishing international standards of the ISO type for activities in the services sector. It is simpler to globalize the production and the commercialisation of a smartphone or a car than medical or insurance services.

This innovating book, based on multiple case studies, lists the constraints of globalizing services, whether social, economic or cultural in nature. It differs from conventional analyses on the globalization of markets, principally based on interstate relations of power.

By placing the question of services at the heart of the new capitalist growth regime, it places polemics about outsourcing and offshoring in perspectiveand opens up new hypotheses on the links between the expansion of the service sector, internationalisation and standardisation.

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