Géopolitique de la démocratisation

Géopolitique de la démocratisation

L'Europe et ses voisinages
With Annie Daubenton, Thorniké Gordadzé, Riva Kastoryano, Gilles Kepel, Pierre Mirel, Florent Parmentier, Alvaro de Vasconcelos
The Geopolitics of Democratisation
Europe and its neighbours

The European Union's greatest success of the past twenty years remains the expansion of its democratic model to Eastern Europe. But the post-1989 tectonic plates are now beginning to shift. Europe is rediscovering the (geo)political limits of the law and democratisation. Its soft power, based on shared norms, trade and interdependence, are now being called into question.

Europe is experiencing a two-fold destabilisation: in the East, where Ukraine is grappling with Putin’s Russia; and in the South, where chaos and crumbling States have followed the Arab Spring. This brutal return of Realpolitik to the forefront has replaced questions of security, energy and migration, forcing the European Union to revisit its neighbourhood policy.

If Europe wishes to wield geopolitical influence over its neighbours, if it hopes to be a 'European space’, more open to the outside and better adapted to globalisation, it must become a more political and more strategic ‘European power’.

Penned by the most prominent experts, this volume invites readers to reconsider the relationship between the European community project and its borders.

Riva Kastoryano

Les codes de la différence
Race-Origine-Religion France-Allemagne-Etats-Unis
The Codes of Diversity
Race – Origin - Religion. France – Germany – United States
Riva Kastoryano
How is the "other" defined in France, in the United States, and in Germany?

Quelle identité pour l'Europe ?
Le multiculturalisme à l'épreuve
Which identity for Europe?
Multiculturalism Test
Riva Kastoryano
Expansion to the East and to the South. Debates on the role of Turkey. Elaboration and processes for the adoption of the Constitution. These developments evidence the difficulty of combining one with many, national personalities with European unity...

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