Proche-Orient : le pouvoir, la terre et l'eau

Proche-Orient : le pouvoir, la terre et l'eau

The Near-East: Power, Water and Land

An original take on the Near East, seen from the agricultural viewpoint which is too often forgotten by analysts. This unusual geopolitical approach reminds us of agriculture's central role in conflicts and power strategies.

In this arid region, water and land resources are the object of rivalries and intense power struggles; and agriculture, by far the biggest user of land and water, lies at the heart of power strategies, sovereignty and security.

In the unique context where a demographic boom coincides with the creation of borders, sharing water is now a matter that sparks off contention and divides countries. It is useful to recall that the control of water supplies was a contributing factor to the emergence of civilizations in the Near East.

Pierre Blanc

Pierre Blanc is a researcher in geopolitics and chief agricultural engineer of the Ponts, eaux, et fôrets. He teaches geopolitics at Bordeaux Sciences Agro and at Sciences Po Bordeaux. He is also a visiting professor at universities in Italy, Lebanon and several universities in France, a researcher with LAM (Sciences Po Bordeaux/ CNRS) and editor-in-chief of the journal Confluences Méditerranée.

Terres, pouvoirs et conflits
Une agro-histoire du monde
Land, power and conflict
An agrohistory of the world
Pierre Blanc
Because land possession remains a critical political objective, Pierre Blanc reviews contemporary history by placing the issue of land ownership at the heart of power relations. This book provides an agrohistory of the world in order to shed light on the geopolitical issues of the 21st century.

Le nouveau capitalisme agricole
De la ferme à la firme
New agricultural capitalism
From the farm to the firm
François Purseigle, Geneviève Nguyen, Pierre Blanc
How are the "mega-farms" organised? What are their logics and modes of action? In what spaces do they situate themselves? How does a family farm become an agricultural company? What kind of actors are involved? What are their attitudes towards politics? What conflicts do they provoke? The first study of an emerging global phenomenon.

Violence et politique au Moyen-Orient
Politics and Violence in the Middle East
Pierre Blanc, Jean-Paul Chagnollaud
The desertion of politics, whose legitimacy is based on dialogue, compromise and the reference to the law, leaves the way open to a wave of multiform violence in this region. This work attempts to decipher the mechanisms behind this violence.

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