Atlas électoral 2007

Atlas électoral 2007

Qui vote quoi, où, comment ?
Electoral Atlas 2007
Who votes what, where, and how ?

What are the rules of the game when it comes to the presidential election in France ? What associations have the French made with the election for the last forty years ? What do we know of the profiles of the different electorates from the extreme left to the extreme right ? What are the political and electoral orientations of the different demographic and social milieus in France ? Many French voters today question the staging of the presidential election through the media, the polls, and the big issues which are driven by the overriding design of a political agenda. What can be done to make voters lean toward one side or the other ?

In response to all these questions, this ELECTORAL ATLAS intends to give the average citizen some strong clues and clear benchmarks in order to understand the vote, our vote.

A work realized under the direction of Pascal Perrineau with a team of researchers from the Center for Political Science Research at Sciences Po (Cevipof).

Jean-Luc Parodi

Revue française de science politique 57 -3/4, août 2007
L'élection présidentielle de 2007. Premiers aperçus
Jean-Luc Parodi

Revue française de science politique 54 - 4, août 2004
Les élections régionales et cantonales de mars 2004
Jean-Luc Parodi

Le député français
Roland Cayrol, Jean-Luc Parodi, Colette Ysmal


Les systèmes de partis dans les démocraties occidentales
Le modèle du parti-cartel en question
Yohann Aucante, Alexandre Dézé

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