Atlas électoral 2007

Atlas électoral 2007

Qui vote quoi, où, comment ?
Electoral Atlas 2007
Who votes what, where, and how ?

What are the rules of the game when it comes to the presidential election in France ? What associations have the French made with the election for the last forty years ? What do we know of the profiles of the different electorates from the extreme left to the extreme right ? What are the political and electoral orientations of the different demographic and social milieus in France ? Many French voters today question the staging of the presidential election through the media, the polls, and the big issues which are driven by the overriding design of a political agenda. What can be done to make voters lean toward one side or the other ?

In response to all these questions, this ELECTORAL ATLAS intends to give the average citizen some strong clues and clear benchmarks in order to understand the vote, our vote.

A work realized under the direction of Pascal Perrineau with a team of researchers from the Center for Political Science Research at Sciences Po (Cevipof).

Daniel Boy

Spécialiste de sociologie électorale et de l'évolution de l'électorat écologiste
Chercheur au CEVIPOF

Les Français, des Européens comme les autres ?
Daniel Boy, Bruno Cautrès, Nicolas Sauger

Pourquoi avons-nous peur de la technologie ?
Why do we fear technology ?
Daniel Boy

C'était la gauche plurielle
Daniel Boy, Henri Rey, Françoise Subileau

L'électeur a ses raisons
Daniel Boy, Nonna Mayer

L'écologie au pouvoir
Ecology in Power
Daniel Boy, Vincent Jacques Le Seigneur, Agnès Roche
For the first time ecologists won 15% of the vote in the 1992 elections, surprising all expectations, and ensuring themselves definite political footing at the heart of regional counsels. The shakeup generated by these newcomers is undeniable...

L'électeur français en questions
Daniel Boy, Nonna Mayer


Le Vote normal
Les élections présidentielle et législatives d'avril-mai-juin 2012
Normal Votes
The Presidential and Legislative Elections of April, May and June 2012
Pascal Perrineau

La politique en France et en Europe
Politics in France and in Europe
Pascal Perrineau, Luc Rouban

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L'administration française
2. Administrations locales
Bernard Gournay


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