Philosophies du multiculturalisme

Philosophies du multiculturalisme

Paul May
Philosophies of Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is at the heart of a number of themes that are crucial to our globalised world. It is omnipresent in the media and regularly mobilised to analyse social phenomena as diverse as migratory flows in Europe, school programmes in the United States, or the place of Islam in Western Europe.

What are its philosophical origins, its main currents, and the different critiques that have been levelled at it? Paul May provides an overview of the main theorists – such as Bhikhu Parekh, Charles Taylor, Will Kymlicka, and James Tully – who have elaborated and discussed the notion of multiculturalism.

The goal of the book is to present the most recent theoretical debates on multiculturalism philosophies. A sort of vade mecum for university students, academics and involved citizens, the book will interest a broad audience wishing to understand the challenges of ethnic and cultural diversity via a concise, cutting-edge summary.

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