Atlas espace mondial

Atlas espace mondial

Considering the world as a space in movement and in flux. Breaking away from the idea of an international scene controlled by states alone. Moving on from traditional figures of enemies, borders, and exclusive identities. Demonstrating all the actors involved in international exchanges, whether they are public or private, individual or collective, political, economic, or social, local, national, regional or global. Representing the innumerous interdependencies and overlaps between our histories, as well as the disorder and disfunction in a plural world.

- The major issues of our time in images and texts

- More than 200 maps and images in color with cutting edge data

- Focus on current events

- More than 230 definitions of essential notions and concepts.

Atelier de cartographie de Sciences Po

Since 1995, the Atelier de cartographie (Thomas Ansart, Benoît Martin, Patrice Mitrano, Anouk Pettès, Antoine Rio) has assisted students, teachers and researchers at Sciences Po. It also participates in museographical and editorial projects and collaborates with international organizations during consultancy missions. It was responsible for the development of Khartis, a free thematic cartography tool.