Marseille années 68

Marseille années 68

With Lucie Bargel, Charles Berthonneau, Rachida Brahim, Laure Fleury
Marseille Post'-68

The history of May '68 was not only written in Paris and it was not only driven by students. All around France, other areas and other activists contributed to making the decade that followed the May explosion into a "golden age of struggle", and sometimes acting as a catalyst for events on the national level.

This was the case for Marseille and for the Bouches-du-Rhône region, upon which this book casts a unique gaze. Uncovering recently declassified archives, particularly those of the intelligence services, and conducting numerous interviews with former participants of May ’68 in Marseille, it brings to light a singular social and political history of the region. From the late 1960s to the mid-1980s, it reveals a city on the cutting edge of struggles such as the defence of migrant workers, and the recognition of gay, lesbian and feminist movements.

Far from the official discourse centred on a handful of media figures, this book brings to life the actions of millions of “ordinary” men and women fighting for a fairer world, and who paid a heavy price for their commitment – both personally and professionally. It seeks to rehabilitate an era and a generation that are often accused and instrumentalised for political reasons.

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