Le Nouvel âge des femmes au travail

Le Nouvel âge des femmes au travail

The new era of working women

"You give them your point of view, you get them to participate. They think, 'she needs us', even if you absolutely don’t! [laughs] But overall, it works." Marielle, like other young female engineers and managers at Airbus, describes her strategy as “playing the blond.” This technique has helped them gain acceptance and obtain information in their everyday work in the male bastion that is this European aircraft manufacturer.

The testimonies and tales collected by Nathalie Lapeyre over the course of five years of research reveal a new phenomenon. These young generations of women managers are highly pragmatic in their strategies to seize the opportunities proffered by new professional equality policies. Subordination to their male or older colleagues is not for them! They are determined to bring about equality, individually and above all collectively. With a healthy dose of humor and modesty, they use their reflexivity to analyze ordinary experiences of domination, both at work and at home to develop capacities for action and empowerment that may spread to all the women at Airbus. Although they are aware of the fragility of their accomplishments, sometimes concealing their successes even within their families, these women are extremely lucid about how much work still needs to be done.

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