Le Tirage au sort

Le Tirage au sort

Comment l'utiliser
How to use the random draw

Is voting the only thing that keeps democracy alive? What if we revived an ancestral practice of randomly selecting citizens to be involved in public affairs – the lottery?

The lottery may come as a surprise in a country that only uses this technique on a national level for constituting juries, but it may also have a place within an egalitarian and liberal perspective. On the condition that it is used carefully, it encourages a precise and diversified representation of the population, is not to the advantage of any particular candidate, does not sideline skills, and circumvents any attempt to confiscate power. It can be implemented at all levels, from the smallest group to the whole nation and is liable to improve democratic practices and institutions, even potentially leading to the creation of different parliamentary houses, either partially or totally elected by lottery.

This book is a genuine guide to the usage of random ballots, and shows with precision the possibilities and constraints, effects and usages, qualities and limits of this technique, as well as the specificities of the domains and levels in which it can be used.

Gil Delannoi

Gil Delannoi is a research director at the FNSP (Cevipof) and professor of political theory at Sciences Po.


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