La politique internationale de la Chine

La politique internationale de la Chine

Entre intégration et volonté de puissance
China's International Policy
Between integration and will to power

As the world's second greatest power since 2010, China is full of ambition. Thanks to its recently globalised economy, China is not only attempting to overtake the United States, but also to completely disrupt the international order established after 1945.

Does China truly possess the means to fulfil its ambitions? Perhaps, if we are to believe the deployment of numerous economic, diplomatic, military and ideological tools to increase the country’s influence on the world stage; if we observe the transformations of its foreign and security policy since the beginning of the 2000s – and especially since Xi Jinping took office in 2012 – and finally, if we attempt to decipher its relations with its neighbours and major partners, as this volume seeks to do, on a country-by-country basis using primary sources.

But the persistence of an authoritarian regime that is nationalistic, anti-Western and increasingly arrogant has meant that China’s integration into the international community remains a work in progress, and continues to feed into external conflicts, in particular with Japan and the United States.

Though it is stronger, China also feels weaker. Dependent on the outside world and permeable to Western ideologies, China is also currently experiencing an economic slowdown that threatens its social stability, and perhaps even that of its political regime. This volume presents a unique overview of these vulnerabilities that are likely to influence the country’s international policy.

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