Les politiques de la diversité

Les politiques de la diversité

Expériences anglaise et américaine
With Audrey Célestine, James Cohen, Michael Collyer, Andrew Diamond, Vincent Latour, Delphine Papin, Philippe Vervaecke
The Politics of Diversity
The English and American Experiences

How do new immigrants integrate themselves into culturally sensitive cities or neighborhoods in the United States and the United Kingdom? What sort of welcome do they receive from the local populations? What are the civic and ethnic mobility issues that these two countries face?

Beginning with a critical reflection on the social construction of ethnic, cultural, or religious identities, this work reveals the existence of a crisis of multiculturalism, illustrated by the tensions very often alive between majorities and minorities as well as between rival minorities. Sometimes accompanied by violence, these tensions might give the illusion of an eruption of social ties. Nonetheless, the politics of managing diversity within the English and American landscapes demonstrates that local actors are perfectly capable of transcending their differences in order to focus on the common good and finding the methods for minimizing these crises.

This re-appropriation "from the ground up" of a kind of integration civicism could serve as a model for French policy makers confronted with the same interethnic difficulties, the same xenophobic passions, and the same demands for population recognition springing from immigration.

Emmanuelle Le Texier is a Master of Conferences in American Civilization at the Université de Lille III. Olivier Esteves is a Master of Conferences in Civilization of Anglophone Countries at the Université de Lille III. Denis Lacorne is a Director of Research at CERI (Centre d'études et de recherches internationales de Sciences Po).

Emmanuelle Le Texier


Docteur en sciences politiques de l'nstitut d'études politiques de Paris, Emmanuelle Le Texier est maître de conférences en civilisation américaine à l'Université Charles-de-Gaulle-Lille 3.


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