Puissances moyennes dans le jeu international

Puissances moyennes dans le jeu international

Le Brésil et le Mexique aux Nations unies
Brazil and Mexico at the United Nations

The author studied Brazil and Mexico's multilateral policies, in three different bodies of the United Nations (the Security Council, the Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development [UNCTAD]) since its creation in 1945

After presenting in a historic multilateral perspective, the different steps of integration of the two countries, the author distinguishes three ways of being in the United Nations: the non-multilateralism or the absence of any multilateral policies elaborated by States that nevertheless belonged to international organisations ; the limited multilateralism, a term used to describe behaviour on the fringes of the multilateral stage ; and finally the multilateralism, a more co-operative and less defensive attitude, which also contains room for protest and proposals when faced with unsatisfactory measures.

Mélanie Albaret is a Research Associate at the Centre for International Studies and Research (CERI/Sciences Po).

Mélanie Albaret

With a PhD in political science (international relations), Mélanie Albaret is a lecturer in political science at the Université Clermont-Auvergne. Her research focuses on international organizations, in particular the UN, and on multilateralism.


Méthodes de recherche en relations internationales
Research Methods for Studies in International Relations
Guillaume Devin
Drawing on numerous case studies and the expertise of some twenty researchers, this book provides a summary of the main key resources and methods adopted in international relations research, including using archives and databases, conducting interviews, establishing a corpus, analyzing quantitative data, producing nuanced interpretation of images.

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