Pourquoi détestons-nous autant nos politiques ?

Pourquoi détestons-nous autant nos politiques ?

Why do we hate our politicians so much?

Although we are sometimes lured by their promises, politicians always seem to disappoint us. Over the past four decades, as this sequence of events has been endlessly repeated in France, it has only gained in magnitude. It appears as though the chasm between citizens and their representatives can no longer be bridged.

If we hope to resolve this impasse, we must try to explain this political disillusionment. Is it the result of ineffective public policies? Of the incompetence and corruption of the political elites? Of the deep-seated pessimism of the French people, who are hopelessly ungovernable?

Using the tools of political science, Emiliano Grossman and Nicolas Sauger have drawn up a diagnosis of this French malady, identifying its causes and offering a number of roads to recovery.

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