Temps et politique

Temps et politique

Les recompositions de l'identité
Time and Politics
Identity Reconfiguration

As a 'continuous renegotiation of the self by the self,' according to Paul Ricœur, identity is constantly evolving over time, affected by external events as well as the push and pull between consciousness and the unconscious, the individual and the group, the past and the present. In this permanent chain of personal reconfigurations, how do beliefs evolve over time? What rules govern the continuity of, or break in, the transmission of political beliefs?

Including contributions from sociologists, political scientists, philosophers, historians and psychologists on the subject of our increasingly labile political identities, this volume helps to illustrate the causes behind political changes that shape both history and personal lives. It highlights how politics are shaped by time, whether the collective time of generations, or, more personally speaking, the stages of life.

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