Citoyenneté à la française

Citoyenneté à la française

Citizenship, French Style

Troughs of ink are regularly spent in tackling the subject of citizenship. This book traces how well the term translates, for those who it represents, the feeling of dependence experienced by the citizen actor with regard to his or her co-citizens and the will to take on what unites them. These different perceptions design different concepts of citizenship. Opposing representations according to two theoretical models of community involvement and isolationism thus give birth to a "tension" characteristic of French style citizenship.

Sophie Duchesne

Chargée de recherche au Centre d'étude de la vie politique française à Paris (en 1997)


Sociologie plurielle des comportements politiques
Je vote, tu contestes, elle cherche...
The Many-Faceted Sociology of Political Behaviour
I vote, you protest, she's still looking...
Olivier Fillieule, Florence Haegel, Camille Hamidi, Vincent Tiberj
In homage to the pluralist political sociology practiced and defended by this French pioneer of experimental survey research, this volume provides an up-to-date overview of current research and major controversies in this field of political science today, thus also serving as an introduction to the analysis of political behaviour.

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