Le journalisme numérique

Le journalisme numérique

2e édition entièrement remaniée
Alice Antheaume
Digital Journalism

Who can still claim to be a "newspaper", “radio” or “TV” journalist today without taking into account digital technology? In the era of social networks, smartphones and Big Data, editors aren't just looking for accomplished reporters, but also for internet virtuosos.

Today, all journalists must know how to conduct an online investigation, to find their way through a myriad of data, deliver continuous information, and juggle with time – real time and replay. They must be able to calibrate content for all screen formats, to work for maximum distribution, to co-exist with algorithms that are “much more powerful that the most powerful managing editors”, to work with robot reporters, and so forth.

The shift of journalistic expertise towards the digital environment which began fifteen years ago has revolutionized information and media professions. And it is far from over.

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