La logique du désordre

La logique du désordre

Relire la sociologie de Michel Dobry
Myriam Aït-Aoudia, Antoine Roger
With David Ambrosetti, Yves Buchet de Neuilly, Brigitte Gaïti, Boris Gobille, Jean-Philippe Heurtin, Sandrine Lefranc, Cyril Lemieux, Lilian Mathieu, Céline Thiriot, Danny Trom
Afterword by Michel Dobry
The Logic of Chaos
Revisiting the sociology of Michel Dobry

How does the political order fall apart? What are crises made of, and how should they be explained? These questions are at the heart of Michel Dobry's seminal volume, La sociologie des crises politiques, originally published in 1986 and which has inspired generations of researchers with its groundbreaking approach to revolutionary phenomena and political transitions.

Opening up a critical dialogue on the analytical principles and epistemological choices that made Dobry’s sociological approach unique, The Logic of Chaos discusses how Dobry envisions social actors and their actions; his conception of the causality and historicity of political processes; the conditions under which his concepts and systematisations can be exported to new domains such as international relations; and the pertinence of his proposals for examining 'routine political games’. These are some of the questions and criticisms to which Michel Dobry responds in a final text offering a relational perspective.

This volume revisits Michel Dobry’s work, revealing its on-going relevance, and offers an indispensible introduction to La Sociologie des crises politiques.

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