Gouverner le climat ?

Gouverner le climat ?

20 ans de négociations internationales
Governing the Climate?
20 years of international negotiations

During the past twenty years, the problem of climate change has moved to the top of the global agenda, and a multilateral process has been implemented to address it. Nevertheless, greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere reached record levels in 2013.

How, therefore, should we view the outcome of international negotiations? Reviewing the political treatment of climate change, from the Kyoto Protocol to today, the authors of this volume analyse the stakes at play and as well as the current form of governance, which has engendered as many expectations as it has disappointments. Is it possible to shift paradigms while the world is experiencing rapid transformations and confronting multiple crises? How should the issue of climate change be addressed with regard to the future?

Serving as a reference point on climate change and related strategical questions, this work examines the relationship between science, politics and the role of experts; the evolving geopolitics of climate; energy transition in Europe, the United States and major emerging countries; and the multiple links between climate change and globalisation, and between adaptation and development.

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Geopolitics : Sustainable Development
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