Les Nouvelles inégalités du travail

Les Nouvelles inégalités du travail

Pourquoi l'emploi se polarise
New work-based inequalities
The polarisation of the labour market

On one hand there are the less educated, whose employment prospects are deteriorating, and on the other, there are the highly qualified, the golden children of an economy that is perpetually hungry for skills. On one hand there are poorly paid jobs that are uninteresting and unlikely to evolve; on the other there are well-paid positions, knowledge that is valued, career potential…

The polarisation of the labour market affects most countries and has become a striking phenomenon over the last two decades. It has led to an explosion in wage gaps and an increased risk of unemployment and insecurity. There are numerous causes – technological change, globalisation, deindustrialisation, et cetera – and their effects mutually reinforce each other.

Is this phenomenon inevitable ? Are we witnessing the foreseeable demise of the middle class, with the disappearance of intermediary jobs, or will we manage to adapt our economies to this new situation?

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