Deux degrés
Les sociétés face au changement climatique
Edwin Zaccai

Blanc de plomb
Histoire d'un poison légal
Judith Rainhorn

Handicap et travail
Anne Revillard

Planter le décor
Une sociologie des tournages
Gwenaële Rot

Sociologies pratiques 38, 2019
Tiers lieux : une émancipation en actes ?

Le Privilège occidental
Travail, intimité et hiérarchies postcoloniales à Dubaï
Amélie Le Renard

Sociétés contemporaines 112, 2018
Socialisation (et) politique
Yassin Boughaba, Alexandre Dafflon, Camille Masclet, et al.

Le Moment Nuremberg
Le procès international, les lawyers et la question raciale
Guillaume Mouralis

Imparfaites démocraties
Frustrations populaires et vagues populistes
Imperfect democracies
frustrations of the people and the tide of populism
Yves Mény
Are we really on the eve of the collapse of democracy? In view of the economic and political changes underway in countries like Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, the author argues that democracies will reinvent themselves.

Culture numérique
Digital culture
Dominique Cardon
This book provides the key to understanding what the digital revolution has done to our societies and what we do with digital technology. Digital worlds have history, geography, economics and politics that are much richer than the public debate on the evils of the web lead us to imagine.

Viol que fait la justice ?
Rape: what is the justice system doing?
Véronique Le Goaziou
This book takes a detailed look at what motivates judges' decisions when dealing with delicate questions related to violence, desire, and sexuality. It describes the trajectory of victims throughout a legal process that is sometimes experienced as a second rape.

Le Tirage au sort
Comment l'utiliser
How to use the random draw
Gil Delannoi
This book is a genuine guide to the usage of random ballots, and shows with precision the possibilities and constraints, effects and usages, qualities and limits of this technique, as well as the specificities of the domains and levels in which it can be used.

Dialogue social et performance économique
Social dialogue and economic performance
Marc Ferracci, Florian Guyot
Is there a cause and effect relationship between social dialogue and economic performance? What impact does union action have on the productivity and profitability of businesses? This book seeks to respond to all these questions based on studies conducted in Europe and around the world.

L'Eglise catholique est-elle anticapitaliste ?
Is the Catholic Church anti-capitalist?
Jacques-Benoît Rauscher
There is a Catholic doctrine on capitalism, but it must be read between the lines of the pontifical texts. It could be summarized as follows: it is possible to operate within capitalist structures, but only to the extent that one does not adopt the behavior that capitalism presupposes. This is a position that requires a certain juggling act.

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