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Les banques centrales pendant la Grande Guerre
Central Banks in the Great War
Olivier Feiertag, Michel Margairaz, et al.

Comment ignorer ce que l'on sait
Ignoring what we know
Jean-Noël Jouzel
Pesticides have long been the object of public policies that seek to guarantee that their toxic effects will not harm the human populations. Yet, over the last twenty-five years, data produced by a number of epidemiological studies conducted outside the marketing approval process give rise to questions about just how solid these guarantees are.

L'Afrique du Nord après les révoltes arabes
The State in North Africa: after the Arab Uprisings
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez reviews the situation in countries like Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia. He shows that by bracing themselves with the twin functions inherited from colonial powers – maintaining law and order and extracting natural resources – these states have neglected to put the general interest of their countries at the heart of their action.

La matière noire de la démocratie
Democracy's Dark Matter
Luc Rouban
In a context where policy and campaign platforms have become like any other product for consumption, and in which an increasingly large part of the population feels deprived of autonomy and forced to suffer to the negative effects of globalization, class warfare has changed. Notions of representativity and universality are no longer relevant here.

La Nationalité, une histoire de chiffres
Politique et statistiques en Europe centrale (1848-1919)
Nationality as a matter of numbers
Politics and statistics in central Europe (1848-1919)
Morgane Labbé
Drawing on the example of Poland, the author demonstrates that the inventory of the populations, the printing of identification cards, the choice of demographic, linguistic, or religious criteria were used to serve more diverse political projects than the historical literature has tended to suggest.

Le Nouvel âge des femmes au travail
The new era of working women
Nathalie Lapeyre
The testimonies collected by Nathalie Lapeyre over the course of 5 years of research reveal a new phenomenon. The young generations of women managers are highly pragmatic in their strategies to seize the opportunities offered by new professional equality policies. They are determined to bring about equality, individually and above all collectively.

La Participation des salariés
Du partage d'information à la codétermination
Employee participation
From information sharing to co-determination
Patricia Crifo, Antoine Rebérioux
Sometimes implemented at the discretion of company directors and sometimes because of legal requirements, the participation strategies analyzed in this book take different forms: economic rights for the personnel committee, collective bargaining agreements, representation at the board of directors, and so forth.

La Ve République démystifiée
The 5th Republic Demystified
Olivier Duhamel, Martial Foucault, Mathieu Fulla, Marc Lazar
This unbiased portrait, provided by economists, historians, political scientists, and legal scholars, shows that in its sixty years of existence, the 5th French Republic has only survived by transforming itself.

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