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Le boycott
Ingrid Nyström, Patricia Vendramin
What are the conditions of success of a boycott? Is an alliance of consumers, citizens and workers possible? Mode of action of a global civil society and strong purchasing power, boycott could be as decisive for the twenty-first century as was the strike to the labor movement.

Le genre de la Résistance
La Résistance féminine dans le Nord de la France
Gender and Resistance
Female Resistance in Northern France
Catherine Lacour-Astol
This volume sheds light on the women of the French Resistance from a two-fold perspective: first, their repression as orchestrated by the occupying power, and second, the recognition they received after the Liberation.

Les inaudibles
Sociologie politique des précaires
Céline Braconnier, Nonna Mayer

Au sein de la Maison-Blanche
De Truman à Obama, la formulation (imprévisible) de la politique étrangère des États-Unis
Charles-Philippe David
This book is one of the most comprehensive histories of the decision-making in American foreign policy from 1945 to the present. Cahrles-Philippe David analyzes cognitive, bureaucratic, and personality factors, and offers the reader a thorough understanding of the forces that shaped each administration's actions on the world stage.

La politique étrangère des États-Unis
Fondements, acteurs, formulation
American Foreign Policy
Founding principles, actors, development
Charles-Philippe David
In the United States, the development of foreign policy involves a great variety of actors and provokes intense debates. This full overview of the development of American foreign policy simultaneously examines its history, nature, culture, approaches, associated institutions and links with society. A best for students and professionals.

Dialogue social et performance économique
Marc Ferracci, Florian Guyot

L'assurance chômage aux États-Unis
Stéphane Auray, David L. Fuller

Les contrats de travail flexibles
Une comparaison internationale
Sophie Robin-Olivier

Gouverner le climat ?
20 ans de négociations internationales
Governing the Climate?
20 years of international negotiations
Stefan Aykut, Amy Dahan
Serving as a reference point on climate change and related strategical questions, this work examines the relationship between science and politics; the evolving geopolitics of climate; energy transition in Europe, the United States and major emerging countries; and the multiple links between climate change and globalisation.

Identités et politique
De la différenciation culturelle au conflit
Identity and Politics
From cultural differences to conflict
Gilles Dorronsoro, Olivier Grojean
How cultural differences degenerate into conflicts?

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