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Dictionnaire des mouvements sociaux
Title Dictionnaire des mouvements sociaux
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May 1968, fighting with the CPE, huge workers strikes, the feminist and gay rights movements, anti-summit alternaglobalists, university blockades, civil disobedience by opponents of genetic modification: social movements provide an essential composite of the social and political life of our societies. Far from brutal uprisings by those pushed to revolt, collective dissenting action obeys complex logics and adopts different forms, which political sociology attempts to analyze.

This dictionary lists all of the key concepts, explains their origins and development, specifies their usages as well as the debates they address, and provides easy access to the vocabulary of social movements.

These are the most recent additions to research on social movements, which this work makes accessible not only to students and scholars, but also to all, whether militants engaged in the fray or common citizens, who desire a better understanding of how social movements can contribute to changing the world.

KEY WORDS: Collective Action - Boycott - Collective Behavior - Mobilization - Strikes - Insurrection - Protest - Social Movements - Repression - Revolution - Transnationalism