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Réforme et révolution chez les musulmans de l'Empire russe
Title Réforme et révolution chez les musulmans de l'Empire russe
Subtitle 2e édition
Edition 2
Preface by Maxime Rodinson (1915 - 2004)
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Title First Published 01 January 1981
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Publication Date 01 January 1981
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The Emirate of Bukhara was the first meeting place of the two principal revolutionary movements of the 20th century : that of the proletarian révolution which was born in Pétrograd and that of the peasant révolution of colonial countries. September 1, 1920 saw the collapse of the Emir's old théocratie power. The Red Army put a team of local nationalists at the head of what had been the most backward state of the Muslim world. Three days before that, thèse nationalists had established themselves as the Communist Party.This work shows the path of thèse men, whose idéal of religious and national régénération led them in the end to the ranks of the Bolshevik party. Under their leadership, Bukhara thus provides both the example of the first victorious Marxist révolution in a colonial country and the first "people's democracy ".This example haunted the leaders of the Komintern ever since 1920 because they saw in it, concretely, ail the difficulties and ail the problems posed by a révolution, far from the industrial metropolises.


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