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Les écrivains et le Front populaire
Title Les écrivains et le Front populaire
Edition First Edition
Authors Géraldi Leroy, Anne Roche
Collection Académique
Publisher Presses de Sciences Po
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Title First Published 01 January 1986
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Format Paperback
Nb of pages 323 p.
ISBN-10 2-7246-0534-9
ISBN-13 978-2-7246-0534-1
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Publication Date 01 January 1986
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Terror and madness for some, a moment of happiness or beauty for others, the locus of exacerbated confrontation for the ideological currents of the 1930s, the Popular Front has never stopped being a contradictory référence, ever feeding French quarrels. Unlike 1848 or the Paris Commune however, 1936 has not inspired powerful literary works. The vigor of the journalistic commitment of writers contrasts with the relative poverty of fiction. Attempting to undo manichean visions, the authors hâve tried to answer this paradox. They hâve interviewed witnesses and actors of the Popular Front and gone through the journalistic and literary production. The book represents the first literary history of the Popular Front, and présents a panorama of the conflicting idéologies.