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Monnaie privée et pouvoir des princes
Title Monnaie privée et pouvoir des princes
Subtitle L'économie des relations monétaires à la Renaissance
Edition First Edition
Authors Marie-Thérèse Boyer-Xambeu, Ghislain Deleplace, Lucien Gillard
Collection Académique
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Title First Published 01 January 1986
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Nb of pages 423 p.
ISBN-10 2-7246-0536-5
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Publication Date 01 January 1986
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European monetary space was in the 16th century the very heart of the world trading space.

Contrary to the traditional point of view, according to which money was a simple instrument for commercial exchanges obeying their rules, the authors show the existence of an autonomous monetary space, that of currency exchange, whose functioning determined to a large extent the circulation of goods.

This monetary geography was characterized by a connection between two pôles : a few family « multinational » firms practicing currency exchange as well as commerce or finance, and emerging state powers, having the right of coinage. The main fair, Lyons, then « Bisenzone », was where the tensions of the continent were polarized into a system of national currency exchanges. Monetary relations thus appeared as a new mode of individual use of the social languages which the units of account represent, a mode which both complemented and fought the fragmented state powers.

One century before the émergence of banks of issue, currency constituted a spécifie link between private practices and public prérogatives.