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Diaspora et terrorisme
la Somalie
Diaspora and Terrorism
Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos
This book describes the state of Somalia, a country ravaged by numerous wars...

Loin des yeux, près du coeur
Les États et leurs expatriés
Out of Sight, Never out of Mind
States and their Expats
Stéphane Dufoix, Carine Guerassimoff, Anne de Tinguy
For three decades, in light of evolutions of the global migratory system and technological transformations, migrants retain closer ties to theirs countries of origin. The focus of this innovative work is to present a panorama of these transformations.

Les migrations environnementales
Enjeux et gouvernance
Environmental Migration
Governance and Issues
Christel Cournil, Benoît Mayer
Examining the immense challenge of environmental migration for the international community, this volume presents an overview of the current research and debates on this issue, with an added emphasis on legal matters and issues of governance.

Les politiques de la diversité
Expériences anglaise et américaine
The Politics of Diversity
The English and American Experiences
Emmanuelle Le Texier, Olivier Esteves, Denis Lacorne
How do new immigrants integrate themselves into culturally sensitive cities in the United States and the United Kingdom? Despite multicultural tensions, local players have succeeded in transcending their differences. Is this a model France could follow?

Raisons politiques 21, 2006
Traversées, diasporas, modernités
Eleni Varikas

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