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L'Amérique de la contestation
Les années 60 aux Etats-Unis
Marie-Christine Granjon

Des tracts en mai 68
Mesures de vocabulaire et de contenu
Michel Demonet

La grève
Guy Groux, Jean-Marie Pernot
The number of strikes is declining, they are no more central in the protest repertoire of the working classes, but they are giving way to a more diffuse form of conflictuality.

La Justice en procès
Les mouvements de contestation face au système pénal (1968-1983)
Justice on Trial
Protesting the Penal System (1968–1983)
Jean Bérard
Jean Bérard offers us the untold story of the relationships between protest movements and the law, shining a light on their essential contribution to the development of criminal law and our contemporary penal system.

Mai 68, un pavé dans leur histoire
Événements et socialisation politique
May 1968, A Page in History
Historical Events and Political Socialisation
Julie Pagis
Who are the men and women who participated in May 1968? What was the impact of their activism on their children? Based on a large scale survey among "ordinary sixty-huitards", the book rehabilitates a plural history of May 68 by combining statistical analysis and life stories.

La manifestation
Pierre Favre

Stratégies de la rue
Les manifestations en France
Street Strategies
Demonstrations in France
Olivier Fillieule
Who demonstrates in France, why, and under which banners? Where is the place of resorting to the streets among classic forms of political participation? What is behind the violence that sometimes accompanies protests?

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