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Archéologie de la représentation politique
Structure et fondement d'une crise
The Archeology of Political Representation
Didier Mineur
This book addresses what is called the "crisis of representation". Parting from the idea that this is a rhetorical issue, it attempts to shed light on the truth of representative systems.

Les conservateurs britanniques dans la bataille des idées
Ashridge College, premier think tank conservateur
British Conservatives in the Battle of Ideas (1929-1954)
Ashridge College, Premiere Conservative Think Tank
Clarisse Berthezène
This book tells the history of Ashridge College, institution created in 1929 to form the militants of the conservative party and produce conservative intellectuals.

Dictionnaire des politiques territoriales
Dictionary of Territorial Politics
Alistair Cole, Sébastien Guigner, Romain Pasquier
A never before published synthesis, this dictionary explores the territorial universe of political institutions, actors and sectoral politics. It offers a complete and original point of view on the fabric of territories.

Les droites en fusion
Transformations de l'UMP
A Merger of the Right
Transformations of the UMP
Florence Haegel
A sociological, historical and European approach to the phenomenon of partisanship applied to the Right in France and to the UMP (Union pour un mouvement populaire) since 2002, that will help understanding the actual leadership conflict at the top of UMP.

L'expérience démocratique en Algérie (1988-1992)
Apprentissages politiques et changement de régime
The Algerian Democratic Experiment (1988-1992)
Political lessons and regime change
Myriam Aït-Aoudia
In 1989 in Algeria, a pluralist democracy replaced an authoritarian system. How this democratic experiment was organized? And how has it failed three years later? A key book to understand the singular position of Algeria and its "stability" during the "Arab revolutions".

Les faux-semblants du Front national
Sociologie d'un parti politique
The False Pretences of the Front National
The sociology of a political party
Sylvain Crépon, Alexandre Dézé, Nonna Mayer
Since Marine Le Pen was elected president of the Front National in 2011, the party has broken all its electoral records, attracted an unprecedented number of new supporters, and elected the most officials ever in its history. But has the party truly changed? Fundamentally, the answer is no. This is the conclusion of the thorough investigation.

Les habits neufs de David Cameron
Les conservateurs britanniques (1990-2010)
David Cameron's New Ways
British Conservatives (1990-2010)
Agnès Alexandre-Collier

Histoire du Parti radical
La recherche de l'âge d'or, 1919-1926
Serge Berstein

Histoire du Parti radical
Crise du radicalisme, 1926-1939
Serge Berstein

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